Skirts, Shorts and Trousers should be worn above the waist. Students wearing Small sized, ill fitting uniforms -blazers ,skirts shorts and trousers will be send back home. Students are expected to attend school neatly dressed in proper school uniform as per scheduled days. Students will wear –

Primary and Secondary
Higher Secondary (Grade I to XII)
Monday & Thursday Regular / Casual Uniform with school socks and shoes
Tuesday & Friday House Sports Uniform with school house socks and shoes
Wednesday Formal Uniform with school socks and shoes
Pre-Primary (Nursery to U.K.G) Monday -Friday Regular Uniform
Assigned Sports/Dance/Music day Track pant –T shirt

School winter uniform:

  • Students are strictly expected to wear the school sweater / blazer /long pant as a School winter uniform. Leggings are strictly not allowed.
  • As long as a student is on the school roll he / she must always come to school in uniform, even on birthdays.(except for Nur-Grade II)
  • No student is allowed to attend any Open Day, school function (in or outside the school) in any dress other than the school uniform.
  • Nursery ,LKG and UKG students must carry an extra pair of undergarments and a set of clothes in their school bag regularly.