The purpose of this policy is to expand on how the school endeavours to inculcate the spirit of competition, mutual cooperation, tolerance, adjustment, team spirit and other qualities to have them learn how to live in a global society. The school endeavours to have students grow with a sense of great responsibility towards their actions in life and also to avail the opportunities provided by the house system in all its events so that they can introspect their hidden talents.


    This policy applies to all members of staff of the school, including non-teaching, administrative-function employees.


    The definitions of the key terms of this policy lie within the principles of this policy.

    Legislative Context

    The house system and its representatives is a part of the Student’s Council and it works within the jurisdiction of the school campus. The House Representatives work on a day-to-day basis and during the Student Council meetings put forth their report .

SECTION 2 – POLICY: Principles


    S/he is the role model for each house, who brilliantly demonstrates the leadership qualities within the school. S/he lays down the rules and regulations of the House System and ensures the efficient functioning of the House System.

    Head Teacher

    The Head Teacher ensures the proper management of all activities of the house system in accordance with the rules and regulations of the school system.

    Housemistress/ House Co-ordinator

    The Housemistress is not to be confused with the House In-Charge teacher, who is traditionally known as “a” housemistress. The Housemistress (singular) is the key link between the various house members. She channelizes all the required information within the house system right from organising the activities to the score accounting for each house.

    House In-charge teachers

    The House In-charge teachers plan various activities in accordance with the policy so as to motivate each of the house members’ participation to ensure that students bring out their best in areas of their talent. S/he functions as the designated teacher in charge at the time of the House events.

    House Leaders:[ House Captains, Vice Captains ]

    The House leaders of each House work under the supervision of the House teachers before and during the House events.

    House Members

    These are the respective house students who contribute to the house total periodically by participating in various activities organised by activity in charge teachers .


    General Guidelines
  • Every House In-charge teacher is given the house list comprising House Teachers, Non Teaching Staff, Service Staff, Students, so that they familiarisewith each other.
  • Students are monitored and given constructive feedback beginning from morning assembly till the time they leave the premises for home.
  • The Evaluators, criteria and point allocation is as per the description period
    Duties of the Housemistress
  • Activities, approved by Activity Head In-charge to be recognized by the House Mistress.
  • Any achievement by the student council or house captain is accountable to score points for house as per decision taken by House Mistress.
  • Nomination made by the house teacher for significant work done by student other than the house the teacher belongs to can earn points for student as well as teacher for showing outstanding spirit of ‘equality of opportunities’.
  • House Mistress will decide monthly theme along with headmistress and assembly In-charge of the month based on which house will be represented by one or more students who will present their views in a creative manner on the topic given. The winning house will get additional points as decided by the evaluators.
  • Points will be deducted from the house if student is observed misbehaving, bullying, and use of irrelevant and irrational comments during the break time. Along with negative marking the house will be ban for 2 days on receiving daily house points.
  • Detention is strategic plan with objective to give a chance to student for improvement. Points are to be deducted for each child however, if there is improvement observed for next 3 weeks points will be returned with bonus points.
  • Points will be deducted on the basis on behaviour observed during the class, dispersal, assembly and events in school. Data can be collected by the subject In-charge teacher and duty officer, however on presenting evidence on improvement observed in a child as reported by class teacher, house teacher and in charge teacher can ask for cancellation of negative points from the housemistress.
  • Any mistakes or delays observed by the house teachers in complying with any house procedures by the house mistress bonus points will be awarded to the house for alert nature.
  • Weekly meeting to be conducted with Class Teachers to allot points to monitors/class representatives.
  • To inculcate life skill development in our students, duties will be assigned to each house on weekly basis as well as calculation of points will be explained by the house mistress in the assembly. House mistress can collect data from duty officer and break duty in charge to maintain fairness in scoring system.
  • Monthly meeting are to be conducted with house teachers headed by the house mistress after the dispersal of students post-monthly house meeting.
  • The house system policies must be communicated to the house teachers with guidelines to score maximum marks which will then be communicated to students by their respective house teachers.
  • Monthly meeting to be conducted by the house teacher along with panel of teaching and non teaching staff and students. Every child is allotted points. House teachers will tally points given by housemistress in post-monthly meeting. The house captain will prepare a monthly report for the month which will be read in the assembly. Evaluators will allot points for well written and presented reported.
  • The monthly house progress report will be presented by all house captains on 5th working day of every month during the assembly.
  • The announcement of ‘Best House’ for the month will be announced in assembly on 7th working day of every month.
  • ‘I challenge’ questions are to be displayed on 4th and 5th week of every month by the house captain. The answer will be submitted by house teachers and points will be allotted as per day of response after questions are displayed by the House Mistress. House Teachers or House Members (Teachers) should not at any point give answers to the questions as the objective here is to challenge the intellect of the students.
  • House Mistress must maintain update about post detention improvement for each child along with duty officer.
  • Points are to be allotted to remaining work from the house deco section that are placed on floors subject wise. Each subject has an option to put up best work apart from earlier work and student can earn points per display.
  • Each parent will receive points on their time and contribution in the governing body which will then be transferred to student’s house account. If parent has more than one child equal points will be earned by their house depending on the criteria mentioned.
  • Monthly performance of various activities participate by the students can be collected from the activity in charge and event in charge. Sports day and annual day will have separate criteria to follow, however their total will be mention in this section.
  • Every student council member will be rated in their competency to deliver their assigned role in the manner expected.
  • Points for the sections mentioned above will be followed and rest at the decision of the Principal.
    Duties of the House Teacher (In-Charge)
  • Encourage house students to be elected as monitor/ class representative.
  • Select the best work by the house students and guide students to display the work in a decorative form on the House board Deco and subject floor boards.
  • Encourage students other than student’s council to assist in conducting activities and school events.
  • Highlight the achievements by the house captain or student council along with the activity In charge.
  • Nominate students from other houses for significant work done in ECA/CCA or otherwise. This will earn points for the student as well as the house the teacher belongs to.
  • Encourage house students to perform the life skill development activity to inculcate values in a competitive spirit.
  • Guide students to communicate their thoughts on the theme given during the assembly in various creative forms to enhance student’s personality as well as to contribute in the house progress.
  • Explain the students the significance of detention and encourage them to improve and complete their work to gain bonus points.
  • Encourage to behave in class and inculcate values which would be then awarded in points.
  • Plan an agenda for monthly house meeting along with house teachers and house captain. Encourage students to attend the meeting and participate in all the activities.
  • Guidelines for the monthly meeting:
  • Minute the opinion and suggestions of students.
  • Finalize ‘I Challenge questions’. The teachers can give their inputs for questions however, only students are permitted to answer the question.
  • List the achievements and defaulters of the house.
  • Strategies for forthcoming months
  • Note strength and weakness
  • Prepare a report and present it in the assembly
  • Co ordinate with house captain and display the ‘I Challenge questions’. Collect the answer from the student and submit it to house mistress between 1.10 pm to 1.20 pm only.
  • Encourage the parents to participate in school activities, especially the parents involved in the governing body.
  • House teacher has prime role of facilitating personality growth along with enhancing academic record of each child in the spirit of healthy competition through the various activities conducted.