• Students are expected to come to school on all days, in complete uniform including socks and suggested school shoes, except on the days when informed otherwise.
  • On the days, where the child goes for sports Activities, he / she should wear the sports uniform.
  • Mix and match of the regular school uniform with the sports uniform is not acceptable and no excuses for the same will be entertained.
  • The school recommends that students wear all season shoes (black) till mid September due to the monsoons.
  • The students are expected to wear their ID Cards at all times.
Primary and Secondary
Higher Secondary (Grade I to XII)
Monday & Thursday Regular / Casual Uniform with school socks and shoes
Tuesday & Friday House Sports Uniform with school house socks and shoes
Wednesday Formal Uniform with school socks and shoes
Pre-Primary (Nursery to U.K.G) Monday -Friday Regular Uniform
Assigned Sports/Dance/Music day Track pant –T shirt

All students are expected to wear the uniform described as follows.

  • Should a pupil not be wearing the correct uniform, a standard remark will be written in his/her School diary indicating which item of clothing does not conform with requirements and the student will be sent back home immediately. Denim is NOT allowed.
  • The school provides sports uniform and blazer besides the regular school / college uniform. School shoes (black with lace) and plain white socks (standard length) can be purchased from anywhere, preferably from the shop providing school materials.
  • All students should be dressed in their school/college uniform from Mondays to Thursdays and sports gear on Fridays.
  • Every Wednesday is observed as BLAZER day on which every student should compulsorily wear blazer.
  • Blazers have to be worn on every official occasions of the school/college and also during the industry visits or field trips or whenever asked by the school/college authority to do so.
  • Uniforms are the reflections of school’s discipline, integrity and pride. Adherence to complete and clean uniform is once again your obligation. Penalties are laid down if the importance of uniforms is overlooked by any student. Parents are requested to join us in our endeavors to inculcate the best morals in our children where uniforms play a pivotal role.
  • Jewelry – Students are not allowed to wear jewelry except for a wrist watch, small stud earrings (only girls) and jewelry which is worn for religious purposes.